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  • 金纬机械5G天线罩挤出生产线

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    • 产品品牌   金纬机械
    • 产品型号   JWELL-2020
    • 产品描述



    随着5G 时代到来,推动对基站起防护作用的天线罩从材料到相关设备的快速发展,传统的玻璃钢天线罩以不能达到相关要求,PVC 天线罩
    已经有了一定应用,但随着新型材料的试验,应用,如PC+ 玻纤,PP+ 玻纤,ASA 等,其主要优点有:低介电、低损耗,轻量化,环保。
    根据市场需求,我公司相应研发推出:PVC,PC+ 玻纤、PP+ 玻纤,ASA 天线罩挤出生产线。
    With the advent of 5G era, the fast development of radome for base-station protection is promoted with material and related equipment.
    The traditional FRP radome can not satisfied with the relevant requirements. PVC radome has some application to certain extent.
    However, with some testing and application of new materials, such as PC + glass fiber, PP + glass fiber, ASA etc, the main advantages
    are: low dielectric, low cost, light-weight, environmental.
    According to the market demand, Jwell has researched,developed and launched: PVC, PC + glass fiber, PP + glass fiber, ASA radome
    extrusion machine line.