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  • 金纬机械高分子塑钢桥架设备;塑钢桥架挤出生产线

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    • 产品品牌   金纬机械
    • 产品型号   JWELL-2020
    • 产品描述





    药、建筑等行业和沿海地区广泛使用。它可取代目前传统的电缆桥 架,在欧美发达国家已得到广泛应用,是未来工程应用首选的电缆桥架,符

    合国家“ 以塑代钢”的政策,并具有阻燃、耐腐、机械强度优、绝缘性能好、结构合理、外形美观和使用寿命长等特点。它综合了钢制桥架、玻璃


    HMW Plastic Reinforced Steel Bridge mainly divide into composite plastic bridge and plastic reinforced steel bridge. It is a kind of new

    and advanced bridge material series product. It already has been widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, medicine,

    construction and other industries and coastal areas. It can replace current traditional cable tray, and has been widely used in developed

    countries in EU and USA. It is the preferred cable tray for future engineering application. It conforms to the national policy of "replacing

    steel with plastic", and has the characteristics: flame retardant, corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical strength, good insulation

    performance, suitable structure, beautiful appearance and long service life. It integrates steel bridge, glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge

    and aluminum alloy bridge in different conditions and climatic conditions,then researched and developed.